Tom Jump (TJump)

TJump (he/him/his) is a prominent atheist and YouTube debater who specializes in philosophy and the existence of God. He wrote an original epistemology and model of objective morality which he uses to engaged with some of the most prolific theist professors, philosophers and physicists including Paul Copan, Josh Rasmussen, Luke Barnes, Hugh Ross, Greg Ganssle, Clay Jones, Robin Collins, and David Clark.

TJump has started an Atheist “church” to create a place where non-believers can come together and enjoy debates, lectures, plays, ballets, and other events as a community. This church is founded on his view that “any involuntary imposition of will is immoral”. The fundamental goal of the church is to get people as close as possible to this perfect world by decreasing the cost of living for all persons much as possible. To do this, the church plans on acquiring tax exempt non-profit apartment buildings so the savings can be passed on to the tenants and employees.

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